Yvonne Lashani, Graduate Translator (BDÜ)
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1. TIME: Press the MODE key until pointer lock on to TIME. The total working time will be shown on the monitor when you start exercise.
2. SPEED: Press the MODE key until pointer lock on to STRIDES/MIN. Display current speed during working time.
3. TOTAL STRIDES. Automatically accumulated workout times when you start exercise.
4. #PULSE(IF HAVE): Press the MODE key until the pointer advance to PULSE function and put ear-clip to ear or your hands take hold of the sensor about 3 seconds show out.

Look familiar?

You may have seen translations with multiple mistakes, and maybe even had a good laugh over them. But when it comes to your company brochure or to correspondence with your clients, you wouldn't want them to be the subject of someone else's amusement. Potential German clients can't be convinced of your competence and the value of your products by texts containing even the slightest mistakes.

Consistent, personalized attention

This is where I can be your ideal partner. Due to my qualifications and my experience as a translator, I will personally handle your translations into German. With me, you won't be just another client among thousands in a huge office. You won't have to deal with new people every time you call or write an e-mail.

Neither will you have to worry about the consistency of your terminology or the personal style of your German texts. I will give you and your translations personalized, consistent attention.

Any doubts?

Let me convince you by translating a sample text of your choice (up to 250 words) for free. Just send me an excerpt of the document that needs to be translated, and you can assess my competence for yourself.